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Luella dear

And while we’re at it, do you put music from your shows?

What kind of spell you cast into the world to succeed without being confident (although friendly) Kate Moss? (friendship with Lily Allen also happens because the girl I like)

Why Fifi Lapin to lose your head about you and your clothes?

Why do not you teach at Parsons House or here in France?

Why is the “real” world does not know?

(Audrey! reviviste!)

Why do not men’s clothing?

Why did not you show up with your English eccentric and charming last season and imprison individuals who are “fans of fashion” (and do not differentiate between Coture cruise collection and Chanel Haute) on the charge of high treason against fashion-and particularly to Karl-?

How do you keep your feet on the ground and not look boring or goofy?

How did you ha...

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Mexican bloggers unite!

To my readers (and non-readers) Spanish and / or Latin, I must say that Mexican fashion is in its infancy. And no it takes talent, but is that a certain social group took as their standard (as in other fashion capitals) and is more a social event than an industry. If we add that the procedures and materials necessary to establish a fashion house are stressful, that the community of designers / customers / socialites in Mexico is very close and many fashion magazines refritean (for which I understand, is a similar case Spanish to Vanity Fair but with less involvement of the editors) what they say in the U.S...

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Mexico 2

What I can take from Fears? What about Julia and Renata? Many things. I will make a straightforward criticism because at this point I’m not eager to bad blood and because I try to put myself in the shoes of Fears. I understand how difficult it is to get materials (fabrics) Mexico decent and your audience forces you to do something that does not convince you much. It is no secret that customers Fears live in SoHo attempt Mexican and want something “locochon”. And as a designer, I have to fulfill.

The parade photos are not good at all, you apologize. Within the “locochon” we can find an answer to those who demand more color, more extravagant prints, more bad taste. I’m not so sure that fascinates Fears that speech at the bottom of his heart.

The models wore Converse pure and clashed with th...

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Miu Miu, commercial redemption.

Miuccia Prada has long decided to create an alternative to the firm that bears his name. And it was decided by Miu Miu, a brand aimed at a younger audience and less interested in a total look and spend ten thousand dollars in a bag (could pay five thousand, but not ten). Miu Miu, therefore, began suffering the same as the secondary lines: clothes a bit bland and inferior to that of Prada.


But now Miu Miu has gained independence wish secondary lines: longer presents the same trends as Prada and the quality has gone up. There are now two different houses for different audiences.

Miuccia Prada is like a balance: their creativity needs two escape routes, and compensates the other, despite their independence...

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Spend The Day I Think Of Jewels

Sometimes it happens. I think of jewelry. Today, for example, I was taking a bath and, when I came suddenly occurred to me to think about jewelry. I’m thinking of emeralds, I think because I missed a lot of menthol bath salts that left the green water. As it cooled, was throwing more and hotter, without emptying the tub, until the initial green practically been diluted.

I picked up a book and I have started to read. It feels very pleasant, even though I do not like the idea of ​​dipping the book. But what I like most is alternately immersing in water. I mean when you take a while, you do not feel the water. If you dip a little arm, it again noted. It’s like you caress. It’s an incredibly sweet.

And now I think of the emeralds.
Ya, I know.
It has nothing to do with each other.
The ...

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Stone, Piety And The Frugality

I’m somewhat surprised. Prada continues its trail of the 60s, has a twist: now are younger, more naive, know less about sex and curves but still have their secrets even more naked. They warn, “Be careful, I move like a snake”. Whisper “I am and am not, hear my hiss and fall into temptation.” Commenting, the end of the day, “remember who gave Eve the apple of sin.” Yes, the snake.

After World War II, Dior was responsible for extending the foot, turning women into an object, decorate their fertile red lips and her hips to the size of the flowers in her garden old Normandy...

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Three Waves

As a tsunami. After the First and Second Wave Feminism, Revolution After Coco Chanel First and Second World rentré in fashion, after gritty sex in Gucci and The Second version of hiperfemineidad of Tom Ford, Karl Lagerfeld decided hay That a new era at Chanel itself faces Let Light into darkness, Face the evil itself right, fight night and the Day and the Result … the result is perhaps the most beautiful BECAUSE … hay or night, or DIA hay, hay hay neither light nor dark … It is only the mist.

The new era of Chanel is simple, there is no hay ni Doubts Fears, Cold and Hay no longer heats personas...

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I’ve been loving them some time to tell a story about me. Perhaps at this moment you started. The truth is that my life is not full of sunsets in Bangkok, cruises in Alaska and front rows in Paris but has its moments of interest, but significant daily. Will history.

8 years ago I worked for a summer in a franchise of video. The pay was miserable but the work was not so heavy, I think. He was then just under 17 years and gave me quite a bit alike, something that has been repeated at certain times in my life.


The silver lining that period was not the salary that was like water to me, and my debut work that almost nobody knows (so far), but one of those perfect moments to refine the taste, opportunities to serve you so far. The place was full of good cinema...

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pine nuts BENEFITS and dangers of:

What we can know, or what has been said, its origin would be that is the fruit of a tree native to Indonesia called Aleurites moluccana, which is also found in some islands of the South Pacific and has begun to grow in recent years in other countries, including Brazil, due to the boom that has won this natural product that has this so miraculous slimming effect but dangerous.
On the other hand we can also meet with cases that have taken this Nut India and have not suffered any effects before dictates. Well possibly have been lucky, but when you are taking something and warn us that if we do not suffer from diseases such as irritable bowel or kidney disorders, liver or heart, maybe you should think twice before taking it to boast of being thin.

In the background is very well seek new techn...

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Bing: Microsoft still does not get it

We keep hearing about Bing favorable reports, claiming that the new browser is taking away market share from Google and Yahoo!. Yet most of these reports refer exclusively to the U.S. market, but they echo websites that are from other countries as if the information could also be extrapolated to other places. But, as the numbers of this August that sheds Net Applications, considering the world, the numbers are not as good.

Globally, Bing takes 3.52% of searches, which considering what has been invested in it, it smells rather little. However, the dates on which has been launched in summer and close in August (where traditionally people do not pay attention to much more than a holiday), may have passed bills the company search Redmond.

Another factor to consider is the dispersion of Micros...

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