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“Miss, do not we met somewhere else?” “Yes, I think so.”

In 2000 I was thirteen and was a scrawny pubescent was unpopular and disapproved of everything having to do with numbers and formulas. I think the Internet did not exist for me at the time and the information came to me on TV and some occasional readings supermarket magazines.

Christian Dior Resort 2011

In one of them ever mentioned to John Galliano, who was designing for Dior and for many (editors included) was a little sick in the head because he could think of some crazy and atrocities that might have been engendered in an acid trip ended very wrong.

Christian Dior Resort 2011

A couple of years later I came across a collection of Haute Couture yours in which the motive was a mix of Japanese dolls, kabuki theater and tropical prints...

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Three questions for Nina Garcia

I decided to start with Mirabella. This magazine was created by Vogue editor Diana Vreeland who replaced and in turn was replaced by Anna Wintour in 1988. It was a cut feminist, with a good proposal in fashion and lifestyle, but for some reason, did not survive the millennium.

After I made the first, it got better. Here are the three questions that I could do to Nina Garcia. I hope you like.

How would you describe Grace Mirabella and experience in the magazine?

Grace is a classy person. The Mirabella work I liked very stylish. Grace was editor in chief of Vogue, but unfortunately was fired and learned that her husband practically. It’s something that happens a lot in magazines.

What trend has embraced at the time and hated a couple of seasons later?

Oh … many...

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Victoria Beckham Shares Her Story at the Vogue Fashion Festival

Given her A-list stature, Victoria Beckham’s talk was much more controlled than the other Vogue Festival events. All photography was “strictly” banned and there was no opportunity for audience questions (Victoria instead pre-approved answered some questions sent in on Twitter). It was a bit of shame – as it definitely felt rehearsed and far less relaxed than the weekend’s overall mood – but Victoria was great, and Seemed genuinely thrilled to be there.

Alexandra Shulman’s questions focused espec√≠ficamente on the Victoria Beckham brand, and there was little mention of her life before fashion...

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Best antivirus for mobile phones and tablets

Many of us do not give due importance to the security chapter in our mobile devices, and left it in the background. But truth is that the same threats that become a real headache for desktops, can also become so for our Smartphones and tablets.

So the recommendation is clear. Installing an antivirus on our mobile will offer protection from viruses and malware. Furthermore, most of these programs also provide tracking options our mobile devices in case of loss or theft.

The selection listed below, has very renowned antivirus because they are mobile versions of software designed for PCs and laptops. In our humble opinion, any of them would not rest on our mobile devices

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Bing: Microsoft still does not get it

We keep hearing about Bing favorable reports, claiming that the new browser is taking away market share from Google and Yahoo!. Yet most of these reports refer exclusively to the U.S. market, but they echo websites that are from other countries as if the information could also be extrapolated to other places. But, as the numbers of this August that sheds Net Applications, considering the world, the numbers are not as good.

Globally, Bing takes 3.52% of searches, which considering what has been invested in it, it smells rather little. However, the dates on which has been launched in summer and close in August (where traditionally people do not pay attention to much more than a holiday), may have passed bills the company search Redmond.

Another factor to consider is the dispersion of Micros...

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Battlefield 4 will run in Shanghai