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The Good Times

I’m not always thinking about the past. The good times. It is true that I spend over bad times, the creators spoiled, talentless, empty photos, articles and other evils stupid. But sometimes you have to look back really. And grieve not love a little more the past. And see run both present.

Diana Vreeland, whom I feel very close this week, once said that “the Cowboys were the best from the shelves” and gave YSL by complaining that “only regretted not having created the cowboy”. As Yves Saint Laurent created Saharan female tuxedo, transparent blouse, plaid dresses and lots of fabulous clothes-not to mention a spectacular jewelry, forgive him. As Diana Vreeland said “were good kids wash hair with champagne” and that “they could put a leopard rug in the bathroom” I forgive you too.

I have not...

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The Spaniard Fino, Ni Frio Ni Calor

The Spain Fine and good taste of fighters, Romero de Torres women with goats. Spain away from the tambourine, the colorful Spanish folk and carousing and brown peaks, Loewe teaches in his new campaign an ode to national somewhat different from what we are accustomed. He racial, she na Ava Gardner, beautiful animal, powerfully sexual and magnetism.

It is native, icons, times and renegades. The French are chauvinists, the English have English humor and looters spread over the centuries and the Spanish are … neglect. As Spanish film say “the problem is none other than lack of talent”. A “puñaos” if it is to be pure-blooded.

Although not true in this case because there is a passion in heat in it. Not her, which is cold and grabs her purse more than the destination...

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Summer In Copacabana

Summer. ESE Easy and delicious, Quiet tide, surf, blond Californian algorithms burnt skin, Watermelons, fresh cocktails Biquinis Ÿ colors. Summer in an island or in a place Where as Martinique or Trinidad ProBar local fruits and Living Como IF 70s would never finish and were Hippies Something happens to Day Today to do entire Mediterranean and do crazy sex sin sensuality Low the beach.

However, It’s About the jet set. High Class More carefree matter La Que ONLY Closing Time and time clubs to be the sunlight. No Question of snobbery but of a Life Easy, disetndida and carefree. Frivolity do not doubt, not the critical Siqueira, But No exceptions Existence is an golden cage.

If the bird is aware of cage do … if perhaps not WANT, IF MAYBE one times does ask for She … ESO nobody knows...

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Best antivirus for mobile phones and tablets

Many of us do not give due importance to the security chapter in our mobile devices, and left it in the background. But truth is that the same threats that become a real headache for desktops, can also become so for our Smartphones and tablets.

So the recommendation is clear. Installing an antivirus on our mobile will offer protection from viruses and malware. Furthermore, most of these programs also provide tracking options our mobile devices in case of loss or theft.

The selection listed below, has very renowned antivirus because they are mobile versions of software designed for PCs and laptops. In our humble opinion, any of them would not rest on our mobile devices

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Planing Madrid

Planing Madrid is a new platform that has decided to get down to work hard to get into the business of collective buying. In case you’re unfamiliar with the term, we will explain in broad strokes.

The collective purchase is a purchase model that brings together a group of people interested in purchasing a product. Planing Madrid, what it does is bring these people. When the number of buyers is large enough, the product you want to buy low price benefiting multiple buyers. As simple as buying from home, and as beneficial as buying rebates outrageous prices.


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Scarface: A cool brutal on immigration.

Scarface (1983) Brian de Palma enshrined as one of the great directors of our time. Antonio Montana, Tony for friends and enemies, is a Cuban murderer escapes seeking refuge for their crimes in Miami. Impacted by the environment thought to be able to escape his past but U.S. immigration laws and disturbing and subsequent recruitment by a mafioso will change the course of events. Tony Montana begin a headlong rush to dominate the city. A full of bullets fled, revenge, betrayal and blood. Considered one of the top pieces of the black detective films and this film provides an analytical view on the problems of the Cuban community in the U.S.. No skimping on resources dramatic Al Pacino, absolute protagonist of this masterpiece, and intense role overboard the limit...

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Women have free entry to the ‘National Museum of Anthropology’ March 8

He approaches the International Women’s Day, March 8 Friday. Like every year, many celebrations to commemorate this day and women are the major beneficiaries of this case and of course. One example is in the National Museum of Anthropology in Madrid, which will offer free admission to all women who come to the center.

As has been the case in past years, female visitors may wish to learn about any of the Museum’s collections at regular hours, from 9:30 to 20:00 hours, completely free. A chance to see an overview of the culture of different peoples, with the similarities or differences that unite or separate them.

Do you know the center? Feel like meet this Friday? He took the opportunity and if you want to go with an idea of ​​what you will find, take a look at the programming on the web...

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Video teaser Kymco K-XCT

A couple of weeks that we present the bid for Kymco Scooter sports segment, the Kymco K-XCT. Today we present the first official video that has made the brand. Not that this video supply much information, but it allows you to get an idea of the commitment of the Taiwanese with this new Scooter. Recall that will be available at dealerships from the end of March this year, although the price is still unknown. And come in two displacements, 125 cc and 300 cc engines we know in other Super Scooter as Dink.

Let’s see if we do get one brief sheet to comment further on it.

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Three musical moments of the Oscars to remove his hat

Do not you feel angry when Hollywood actors, plus presenters and comedians make anything that is third, are also able to sing like angels? Yes, they are supernatural powers that make Fanta prejudice and embarrassment to conjure a musical numerazos breathtaking.

And where they do? At the awards. In the Tony, Grammy, Emmy and, of course, the Oscars. What would an awards show without a musical number on duty? Taking advantage of the latest edition of the Oscars was devoted to musical films, let’s remember some epic videos of the Oscars.

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Posted by pastrana on February 26, 2013

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Expocómic Slaughterhouse 2012 in Madrid

The XV International Comic Exhibition of Madrid – Expocómic 2012 and has new location: Madrid Slaughterhouse facilities. The move, forced by the city of the capital after the tragedy in the grounds of the Madrid Arena on November 1, is due to the review of the security measures in the Glass Pavilion of the Exhibition Centre of the House, that was to host the event. From the Spanish Association of Friends of the Comic, organizer of the show, this site is accepted “with our responsibility” in the words of Emilio Gonzalo, president of the CSSA. “We get to redouble efforts to have everything ready in just a week, but the support they have shown us from the most diverse sectors over recent days gives us momentum...

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