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Some more words about the debut of Raf Simons at Dior Haute Couture

As Christian Dior Dio has died and have reached 60 and 70, because the brand has always been luxurious and opulent, even in the early ’90s when it looked bad exaggerated. And then came Galliano, and we know what happened with the brand.

An excessive Dior, historical, decadent. That was the norm for almost fifteen years, it was a wonderful time according to your time (I will not say that the 90s were a time wholly spiritual, moderate and deep) until we hit the last decade and economic crises attacks everywhere.

Now we do not care so much to be minimalist, or vintage or use color blocking. In fact we have so many options that do not know what to do with it. I believe that every age has its own shallowness and have different measures for her...

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The Ruin and Ascension

I do not want much verbiage on the last show of John Galliano for Dior has been so rushed as all other successors outdated or obsolete by the grace of sudden deaths that are worn on both since Monsieur Dior was atragantase – and desplomase-in with a hottie?.? sardine a rasp?. Quémásda. The dead and alive hollo bun what is being said and is always so useful and versatile phrase. Viewing Galliano parade I reaffirm the idea of ​​”die with his boots on.” Lagerfeld I like to be by age, will by its-not-maturity even when you make a crap, he is convinced that it is wonderful and has done better without emponzoñarse with Temprado 04 was better than the 05th or I got the most beautiful spring than winter. At the end of the day, fashion lasts as long, it’s evolve or stagnate is what God wants...

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Va White Bride

I think in contemporary and traditions. Sometimes you’re tight with target market and costs-or go out-in the mind and life of a certain audience. Marilyn Monroe sang that diamonds are the best friends of women but Holly Golightly erased at a stroke all that to say that “diamonds looked divine for older women but not for her.”

And there were diamond firms. The grandmothers of 5th Avenue and would not live forever, new fashonistas seem to prefer a bag of Dior or Gucci some brilliant chatons or a bracelet bought by her new husband. It seems that a Porsche is more valued than a tiara and also! What the hell, nobody gets that.

The jewelers, besides halo of glamor and luxury, to provide jewelry movie stars, fill a few snobs and give some engagement rings and some promising young posh yuppies se...

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The foundation has created Guadalux, a learning portal on the Internet. According to Manuel Agudo, President of the Foundation: “ aims to provide the students, Video course quality at an affordable price.”

He is currently in beta and only available to teachers. In three weeks, we have the final version of this platform is based on three pillars: the Video course (a format highly valued by students), the quality of the courses and reduced economic cost for the money is not an obstacle to any student.


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Details for Marvel comics May 2013

During the month of May, and after seven consecutive months of releases within the Marvel initiative NOW!, Not any series debut. If Thanos miniseries Rising (Jason Aaron, Simone Bianchi) and the new volume of X-Men (Brian Wood, Oliver Coipel, David Lopez) April marked an end to the relaunch of the Marvel Universe or new series (the rumored Heroes of the creative duo Rental Bendis / Deodato) will join the 29 already announced is a mystery to be revealed in future months. However, the fact that we do not give away any May debut not mean there is no news. If we analyze the information of comics that The House of Ideas published in the last month of spring have data worth analyzing juicy. They are:

Nick Spencer (Morning Glories, Secret Avengers) Avengers joins as co-writer, to lend a hand to ...

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