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Some lessons given us Babe Paley

In many cases, the journal of Anna Wintour and other editions have said that when someone is at the pinnacle of elegance, it’s like Babe Paley. Whenever we talk about American style, as close to perfection in “the golden age of jet-set” (ie, the early 50-1969), talking about Babe Paley. The designers mentioned from time to time, particularly for collections Resort. The nostalgic say that there are no people like her, because all the socialites now (cough, cough, the Hilton) are vulgar and pretentious. And they may be right.

A typical reference to Paley: Michael Kors, Resort 2009

Anyway, the people who speak it is always agree on something: left a deep imprint on the image we all have of the rich and famous...

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The Fashion and Beauty Calendar: May 2013

And River Island for bargain buys, or invest in a Ale et Ange cap [pictured] from Net-A-Porter. And, if your makeup bag could do with something new, check out Macaroon MOR’s Lip balms, que you can now find on ASOS. They’re seriously juicy, coming in flavors like Lychee, Blood Orange and Passion Flower.

May 1st … Fans of Bumble and bumble’s Surf Spray will be pleased to hear they’re expanding on the Surf product range, With Their new Surf Surf Foam Wash Crème Rinse Shampoo and Conditioner. They launch today at Space NK, Selfridges and in selected Boots stores nationwide. I have not tried the shampoo and conditioner duo yet, but it promises “seabrezzy buoyant body and soft texture.” What more could you ask for?

May 2nd … You’ve seen Beyoncé’s H & M ads, and this month you can finally purch...

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The Return

With all the fuss about returning Tom Ford, for the cover on Vogue Paris with tuxedo and orjos lips, her story in Vogue USA gala dressed them wrapped in the misty clouds of mystery and glamor distant past, I remember the triumph Christian Dior.

When Dior introduced the New Look, ie for summer Corolla line in that cold winter of 47, Carmel Snow of Harper’s Bazaar was completely fascinated by their proposals and called New Look. The image was new: there was no sign of war in it, the woman again, that which fed the minds of muchacos at the front and at the same time, the extreme elegance was the symbol of the house...

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Us To Be Other

It seems that Ricardo Givenchy is seeing heaven opened to take the light, for the moment, you stop port obscurantism, ghosts gothic, delusions mujeers drawn from the gods by the Trojan horse of death problems, clashes with Charon and the Holy Company and go get some light in his grim and poetic universe simultaneously.

This season is no fairy princesses, not Rapuncel, albérchigos on earth or a witch or fairy tales, spinning wheels and laughing birds who embroider for captive princess wedding dresses gold at the same time are making a dent in time because they are actually ghostly skeletons that make the white virgin bride on a corpse.

The Haute Couture of their summer is much more bright and bold, inspiration is absurd and fantastic...

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Graduation Dresses: Discover the latest trends

If you’re looking for a graduation dress, this year you have several options to choose from depending on the image you want to project. If what you want is a retro show, you’re in luck because the latest fashion trends rescue vintage style of the 50s. Renewed and become more stylish graduation dresses, which are filled with tables, high waist girdle and hair accessories like ribbons or small feather headdresses. In this line you can choose a more innocent and choosing graduation dresses round neck or you can opt for a more sexy tight dresses, always accompanied by platform shoes. If you prefer a more natural display, at the same time elegant, you can opt for a graduation dress chiffon, with or without ruffles, and asymmetrical cuts, this year can be found in different lengths...

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Unique Discounts!

Puzzles for children are sold with discount price online store, a page to find a series of puzzles Disney Collection lowered to 10.79 euros and 13.34 euros, depending on the size and the number of parts. On the website of the has about 267 children’s items for sale, with prices ranging from 10 to 16 euros. Shipping costs amount to 6 euros and are free for orders above 100 euros.

In there are 50% discounts on all kinds of puzzles purchased online. In Fnac can also find a collection of folk tales puzzle books with discounts for members.
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Unlike your look with tones essie nail art

Carnival, Valentine, new trends in doors … February is full of great opportunities to take care of our special form manicures and play with various shades of color to give a unique touch to our look. If you get a distinctive style in your hands, bet essie nail art with shades … surprised!

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