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Sir Paul Smith and Michael Kors Charm at the Vogue Festival

As Previously Mentioned, Girl Power was the unofficial theme at this year’s Vogue Festival. Donatella Versace closed the weekend’s festivities, and Natalie Massenet and Victoria Beckham Both Encouraged the (mostly female) audience to work hard and reach for Their dreams. But that’s not say the male designers who spoke at the festival weren’t incredibly inspiring too. They had lots to share …

Sir Paul Smith and Alexa Chung photographed by Darren Gerrish

Sir Paul Smith and Michael Kors Both captivated the audience With Their entertaining antidotes, on the first day of the festival. Paul Smith was partnered with Alexa Chung (“Because We Know That Paul likes a beautiful girl,” Alexandra Shulman teased), and quickly won everyone over With His down-to-earth attitude...

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The Demi Monde

Before Chanel appeared out of the blue in the fashion world, women were very different from what we now know, and even, to what we now think. Tell them they were dolls I think, obviously exaggerated, Klimt time stated that “half of the men had syphilis” and circulating life in cafes. At the Moulin Rouge could only enjoy the charm men and courtesans opioid was enjoyed by the high bourgeoisie, nobility shoved away his money but with his honor intact and some dandy lost friend Lautrec and litter that wallowed forward between talent, madness, perennial histrionics and excess.

Tell them that they had a great life, you ruined barons, bypassing the vicarage and just enjoying the negligees, because they did buy castles, jewels and dresses in Chéz Worth is not an exaggeration...

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The New Yorker

The New Yorker, and His delusion is a typical diatribe Inhabitants cosmopolitans “The City”. New York has always been the heart of united states, at Least Not Rodeo That policy of the pasture were Americans. However, the relationship of the City and Its Inhabitants has ALWAYS GOOD CONDITION TREATED portions People Who Have Never stemless Since it or portion of Authors That Have Love With A City Were The Do not in the Do not lived But the That in SOME way, belong.

It is a beautiful city. But no matter. New York Has A futuristic beauty Like the works of Boccioni. It is dynamic, postmodern, ethereal do transience, fast, Fast, Frantic. New York’s Most Beautiful Victory of Samothrace, is say, But Beautiful Athens and Rome. Alta...

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You are Makes Me Happy

Just finished the week of Haute Couture in Paris. Well, actually it did not become even a week English because in less than four days we saw everything. But it was a very good season for almost all households. I think fall is a better time to show these creations in all its glory but creativity is not limited to seasons.

Again, the economy is not very encouraging: with what just happened in France went into a global panic and stock fell for a few days (Come with Sofi Macias or The Weight We explain to them because it is not my specialty), but such seems that we will not get to a point as bad as late 2008. Again, do not hate me if I am not very clear, that is not my issue.

But that does not seem to affect the brands presented Haute Couture...

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Via Francigena Pilgrim 7: delusions of absinthe and Comté cheese before Switzerland

You can smell the Alps in the presence of the Jura Mountains near Besancon, a medium-sized French city that welcomes me with sunshine and frazzled knee. Necklines start to look much like bicycles. And couples in love on the river Doubs. I’ll take two days to rest the knee and thus be able to continue my way to Switzerland and across the Alps into Italy. That’s the plan, but Madame Jeannette, Mrs. Association of pilgrims traveling to Santiago de Besançon, which also passes through here, has other plans for me. Jeannette is a mountaineer of 70 who apparently wants to adopt me. After spending the day with her and her former lover, a cheese merchant who teaches me all the cheeses of France, get rest, anticipating that this lady is not going to drop.

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Details for Marvel comics May 2013

During the month of May, and after seven consecutive months of releases within the Marvel initiative NOW!, Not any series debut. If Thanos miniseries Rising (Jason Aaron, Simone Bianchi) and the new volume of X-Men (Brian Wood, Oliver Coipel, David Lopez) April marked an end to the relaunch of the Marvel Universe or new series (the rumored Heroes of the creative duo Rental Bendis / Deodato) will join the 29 already announced is a mystery to be revealed in future months. However, the fact that we do not give away any May debut not mean there is no news. If we analyze the information of comics that The House of Ideas published in the last month of spring have data worth analyzing juicy. They are:

Nick Spencer (Morning Glories, Secret Avengers) Avengers joins as co-writer, to lend a hand to ...

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Do you know how to correct and enhance your face?

Do you know how to correct and enhance your face?
Face> Makeup

Do you know how to make your face thinner or give an oval? You know as your face type and make corrections or conceal cheekbones to highlight certain areas ..? Professional makeup artists have different makeup tricks to shape the face and thus highlight or correct as needed.
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If you look at the models and actresses are always applied some blush that enhances your face shape How? Very easy! Read on, because you have all that makeup tricks professional makeup artists use to correct the models and actresses face ..

Bear in mind that when you apply a dark color, sink or You pretend that area and when you apply a light shade and / or pearl, you highlight and illuminate the area.

It can m...

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