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Simple by Trista

In the beginning everything was explained Simple concept: a capsule collection that is updated every two months, with garments at a reasonable price without losing the unique touch of design that has the brand.


I’ve written before about the model of the presentations and I am very pleased that it is being implemented in Mexico. In this case, was presented in a room with a brief introduction by José Alfredo Silva, one of the two designers. It seems that I was the only blogger in the room and that to me is a great honor.


The collection was formed twelve pieces divided into three blocks, which had as inspiration childhood tales of Silva...

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The Debut Of The Crocodile PLAYERS

A debut more than adequate for Lemaire at Hermès, a designer who had tested only in the spirit of Lacoste crocodile with its poles and the joy of life and, yes, people jumping. In Hermes, after the departure of Gaultier, for the season autumn winter 2011 proposes undoubtedly a style that fits in well with the philosophy of Hermes. The leather has a tone roasted coffee, hazelnut almost, a real chestnut velvet glazed it, that looks like a toffee for its softness. The caps are almost equestrian, details round the neck leather purse and necklace are are delicious, the utopian snowy white gives way to early urban gray will almost turning into Moscow, pro-Communist Russian almost until … comes red.

Acostumbtó Gaultier Hermes to a limited vocabulary in the leather, flyers, athletes and the high...

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The Matryoshka By Oscar De La Renta

I could tell you how beautiful the Russia of the 20s, including the story of the Americans who emigrated in the Depression and never again set foot on the land of the free, not even going before the landfall of Ellis.

But why?
I can not take my eyes off those hats hair.

And if a few more years passed, Oscar de La Renta solves it.

In rich lady version, Park Avenue, bouquets of peonies and Visa Platinum with 10 cm heels and lipstick from Tom Ford and manicure.

In version Romani, Slavic, hunting, fishing and pigeons …

And like a Russian icon.
Yes, the quiet and languid after Madonna Constantine Lent iconoclastic crisis, and that the iconodulios fuss.
But she, the Virgin Mother, always so beautiful ..
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A Royal Wedding

There Men Who son ABLE TO DO ALL content, FIND and love the woman I DeSean.
The English know two real examples: that of Anne Boleyn and Wallis Simpson.

For the first, King Herny VIII gave heaven do ALMOST do kingdom, alliances with other countries, the end of Catholicism in England, his daughter Mary and All That Lives minimally opposed. Well, it Truth That cut off his head to Ana But it was “French” which is more delicate (and innocent DESPITE service).

What I JUST not that bad, but just something sad, something strange, algorithms … WAS deliriously extravagant romance of Wallis Simpson and chez David. Divorced American and amatory arts Expert What Mata Hari UN dethroned king Lived By His love and jewelry cover: THE itself never forgive that had not been queen...

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We like the restrained style of Lucky Brand this spring 2013

I like how it is mounted quite the Lucky Brand every season, and that is that on the one hand have a campaign work, lookbooks, catalogs and then varied garments are nothing pretentious but opt for styles very normal for public.

Today we will see this season’s catalog, focusing on the trends that are proposed for the spring. We see hints of halftime in outfits that mix still knitwear or jackets with shorts, shirts and shoes perfect for the warm weather. Want to find out what we have in store?



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Hair and Makeup Artistry

Stage makeup always starts with a clean face. The makeup application will last longer and will be easier if the face has no dirt or oil. I also recommend a tonic to balance the ph of the skin.

Once the face is clean, it is time to apply the lashes. The tabs will adhere better if you put moisturizer on that area.

Apply moisturizer. The lights and heavy makeup can have a drying effect on the skin. The moisturizer will help to nourish the skin.
Meet the lighting, the shape and characteristics of your skin. This will be useful when applying stains and concealer hides. Applies hidden spots of a lighter shade to hide dark circles that form under the eyes. Mix well so that the lines are not visible. Apply the concealer just under the cheekbone to add depth to the face...

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