Fashion Advice for Tall Men

Tall men sometimes have a difficult time finding the right clothing that will fit their bodies and accentuate their best features. In fact, they often have to shop at stores that explicitly state that they sell big and tall men’s clothing so they can find fashionable items at reasonable prices.

For a tall man, it can be difficult to be trendy because it may be hard to find the latest fashions in many of the stores that men of average height can shop at. But the process can be made simpler with the following fashion advice.

Photo by AzlanDuPree

Look for Clothes with the Ideal Fit

One of the key ways to always look your best is to purchase clothing that has the ideal fit for tall frames. Basically, you should avoid any articles of clothing that are oversized because they will only end up hanging off your body in a strange and unflattering way.

But you also don’t want to go to the other extreme and get clothing that’s too fitted because these will make you appear even thinner if you’re already slender, or they’ll make you look sort of awkward if your body is large.

Fashion Basics for Everyday Wear

Dress shirts should always be long enough that they can be easily tucked into pants, even if you don’t typically wear these shirts tucked in. The key is finding the right style that will make you look like you’re wearing the appropriate size shirt and not something that you’ve outgrown.

As for jeans and trousers, stick with straight-leg options instead of boot-cut and tapered styles. Make sure the inseam of the pants is long enough that it can cover the top portion of your shoes. And mid-rise jeans are best for tall men who are heavier, while low-rise styles are better if you are sporting a slimmer frame. No matter what, it’s best to stay away from high-waist styles.

The Ideal Shoe Styles for Tall Men

Finding the right shoes can also be more difficult for men who are taller than average. Overall, though, there are many options out there from a variety of brands. Avoid large, floppy styles of shoes, though, and make sure that whatever pair you choose is comfortable and that your feet don’t look bigger than they actually are.

Use Colours and Patterns

Many people think that tall men can’t get away with wearing colours and patterns, but this simply is not true. When done correctly, contrasting colours can actually help break your body up visually and make you appear smaller. Contrast a shirt with a pair of pants, wear vertical stripes to make yourself appear wider than you are, and experiment with larger patterns and a variety of prints.

Hopefully these fashion tips will help you find the best styles for your body more easily. The key is avoiding styles that make your body look taller than it already is. Knowing what styles to stick with will keep everything in proportion and make you look great.