How to start an essay on Art History


Write an essay on the history of art requires a verbal analysis of a visual construction, according to the director of the writing program at the University of Dartmouth, Karen Goscik. Although specific guidelines may vary widely depending on the courses and teachers, art essays need an original argument. With the information gathered from previous research, a new level of analysis applies to art. To begin the test, provides a robust method for analyzing prior research and a work of art.



Identifies the type of analysis that will apply in the trial. The analysis can be limited to the physical characteristics of the artwork or include elements of history, sociology and iconography in the argument. Carefully read the guidelines of the test or see your teacher if you have questions about which analysis is most appropriate.

Ask a review of the literature research and reading previous analyzes related to the artwork you choose. Take careful notes on each source as you read and pay special attention to the views of the authors and the main ideas. Consider include the number of pages or paragraphs with notes to facilitate the provision of sources as you write; it is recommended by the Department of Art History at the University of Skid more strategy.

Approach presents a thesis that succinctly explain the point of the original analysis. The thesis should be appropriately complex to support an argument, which is contained in the assay. Check that the thesis can be sustained with the sources of your previous research.

Draw a structure for testing before you compose. Pay attention to the extent required for the test, divide the thesis defensible approach sections and paragraphs. It begins by analyzing the citations of sources, which can used in the body of the essay.